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Monday, September 11, 2006
2996 Tribute - Dorothy Alma deAraujo
She was an obedient Midwestern girl. Life couldn’t have been easy for her and her family as a child. Home was Depression-era Chicago to Dorothy deAraujo and her loving parents. Her father made his living selling clothes wringers while her mother spent her days working in the department store. They wanted more for their child. Though Dorothy spent her evenings taking classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, her parents could not see a future for her in art. Dorothy put aside her dream.

Nothing could be found to tell the story of her falling in love, marrying, and having a child, yet she did so. As an adult, Dorothy headed west where she went to work for California State University’s Long Beach campus. She worked there for 20 years, until her retirement. That was when Dorothy started to live her dream.

After retiring, Dorothy was allowed to take free classes. She took advantage of this opportunity to finally earn her coveted degree in Fine Arts, at the age of 69, to the delight of her son, Tim deAraujo, Jr. Soon she had become a full-fledged professional artist with a thriving new business.

Dorothy made her home in the Naples community of Long Beach, CA. There she became known as “our artist” because of her ability to capture the colorful community filled with canals, boats, shops, and homes. Dorothy was an intrepid traveler. She loved to visit other countries to expand her vision and explore their museums. She counted France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, and Hawaii among the lands she explored.

She may have been 82 years old, but she wasn’t slowing down yet. She kept painting supplies at her son’s home in Massachusetts in case the muse hit. It was at the end of one of her visits there that she boarded Flight 175. Dorothy deAraujo was a remarkable woman. She was an artist – a wife – a mother – a grandmother, and Dorothy was on her way home.

To learn more about Dorothy Alma deAraujo and other victims of September 11, 2001, please visit the 2996 Tribute, or visit these other sites where the information on Mrs. deAraujo and others can be found by clicking here, here, or here.

I've changed the post date to keep this on top through Monday.


Blogger Malissa said...


Blogger Pamela said...

I am priviledged to read this memorial.

(Leaving my calling card... and am amused by the message that is printing at the bottom of my screen from the Kaffee Klatch!)

Blogger Jake said...

Beautiful tribute - don't forget to "up" it for Monday.

It is stunning to read the real-world stories - the background on each and every one of these victims. Your tribute pays great respect to Dorothy - well done.

Blogger Pamela said...

Magi, what a beautiful tribute to a dear lady, my goodness she continued to follow her dreams all the way to the end.

This was indeed a tragic day in the history of our country, and sadly, it is my sweet hubby's b-day. I am afraid it will never be the same.

Thanks for such an endearing post.

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Magi, what a wonderful tribute to this spectacular woman! Thank you so much for sharing the details of her life. It does my heart good to read these tributes.

Thanks for your comment on my 911 remembrance post. I'm sorry to hear that you live far away from your family as well. It's tough at times, isn't it?

Since Long Beach isn't all that far away, I wonder if I would ever have crossed paths with her?

It is terrible the way she died; but at least she led a full life. Nice to know that at 82, she wasn't slowing down. Dorothy deAraujo is a loss to her family and to this nation. It seems on Flight 175, we had perhaps the youngest and the oldest victim of 9/11. Thank you for writing on this remarkable woman. She deserves remembrance.

Blogger rmgales said...

What a wonderful story. I read your post on another blog which referenced 2,996 bloggers and I thought as a 2,996 blogger I would visit other tributes.

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