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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Pity Party - Table for Two?
It's not a good day. Each month horrible rumors have floated about the referral batches. Each time, the worst case scenario came true. It happened again today. The CCAA updated their website with the May referral information. This month they only matched dates from June 6 through June 15. They didn't update the reviewed documents, so it still reads September. Knowing that our dossier had passed review would have been a silver lining.

What does this mean for us? Who knows. The worst of the rumors are stating that the wait will be 18-24 months from LID. On the other hand, there have been significant rumors for some time that the CCAA wanted the wait to be 12-months. When I first heard that rumor, I thought it would be impossible for it to get that long, now I'm hoping that it's that short.

The thread of hope that I'm clinging to is this idea. If the June referrals finish June and July referrals contain all of July, then the CCAA will have met its rumored goal and be at 12-months. I am fine with an October referral. I think Christmas in China would be lovely. I just want to hold my child. If I could know when, it would be so much easier.

The question now is hot fudge or tequila?


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