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Saturday, April 29, 2006
What's a Dossier?

In case you aren't quite sure what goes in that packet we send to China, I thought I'd discuss it. The dossier is the packet of information we send to China that tells all about us. It includes our homestudy, criminal history check, physician letters, employer letters, financial statement, copies of our passport, our letter to China requesting that we be allowed to adopt. We also include photographs of us and our home. Just before I bundled the whole thing up to mail to our agency, I took the photo you see here. It was hard to let that envelope go as it represented many hours of work. It was priceless. Now, it's in the hands of someone on the other side of the world.

By the way, you might recognize the photo of us on top as it's the same one I used here. That's a special picture to us. After attending the informational meeting offered by our agency. Jim and I went out to lunch at Buca's. We discussed everything we had learned and decided that we were going to do this. We were going to complete the application and start the process to adopt. Jim asked the waitress to take our picture. This is literally minutes after we had made this decision.


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