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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
CCAA Update
The CCAA has posted an update today stating that they've finished reviewing dossiers through September and matching through June 6.

The rumors have actually been floating around for a few weeks that October and November are in review. We find out because people who've been logged in those months have gotten requests for more information.

I'll be a very happy person when that posting changes to say October has finished the review stage. That means that the CCAA has reviewed our dossier and approved us for adoption. We're very happy with our agency and trust that they wouldn't send a dossier that would be rejected. Still, it's hard to let go of that fear until you know you've passed.

The matching only to June 6th is a mixed emotion message. Early rumors had only May 31st being matched. Compared to that this is great news! But it is still only a few days of dossiers to be matched again this month. If we're going to get a referral in 2006, they will need to start matching closer to a month's worth at a time. That was the standard, so, hopefully, we'll get there again soon. I'm really hopeful that they'll finish June with the next batch and then go to a month at a time. Keep your fingers crossed!

Note to Susan: Thanks for the messages. Hopefully, we'll both get through review quickly and soon!


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