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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Happy Easter!
Another week has passed and we are now past the six-month mark in our wait. It was a short week at school, only four days, so it went pretty quickly. I had meetings everyday after school, so that made it go even faster. It's been kind of a rough one, too, with car issues and taxes due. I wrote a huge post mid-week whining about both those issues, but deleted it because I don't want this blog to be filled with my whining.

I'll focus instead on the good parts! On Monday night, we went to the home season opener of the South Bend Silverhawks. The Silverhawks are the single A Minor League affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jim and I have been going to their games since we got married, and we really enjoy them. It's a great way to spend an evening. Because we always sit in the same seats, we've gotten to know the people who sit near us. There is one group who sit just across the aisle from us. They are season-ticket holders every year and do attend virtually every game. It was great to see them again on Monday after the long winter and catch up. The Silverhawks were the Midwest League champions last year. Fortunately for them, but not so much for us, almost the whole team was moved up and we're starting fresh. Most of the team had been around a few years, so it was like losing friends. We're so proud when we see their names mentioned during the Major League games. Now, my family and old friends are probably dying at the idea of me following any sport, but I've actually come to enjoy baseball. I like the local games and have fun when we get to see my husband's first love, the Detroit Tigers.

We also had a great Friday! We were out running errands and decided to go out to lunch. Our errands had taken us about an hour from home. After the waitress took our drink order, Jim commented that she seemed familiar and wondered if she had been a former student. When she came back, he asked her. She had! They had a nice time catching up. She is working hard to make a good life for herself and her two children. She had been in Jim's class 10 years ago when he taught in Gary. He is so proud of her. It was good for him, too. It's nice to see a former student who remembers you fondly and is doing so well.

In honor of Easter, I'm going to attempt to attach my first photo to a post. It will be good practice. This came in an email forwarded by my sister. I think it's hilarious.


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