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Sunday, November 29, 2009
She's Too Smart For Me
Jim and I were just having a conversation while Sera watches Cinderella for the 999th million time. He was telling me that Sera wants to make chocolate chip cookies today. I said that we might have a problem because I don't think we have a full bag of chocolate chips. Sera immediately popped up with a you know what, mom? This is what she said:

Mommy, you know what? Remember when we have chocolate for campfires. We could take one and break it up into little bits and then we can make cookies.

I was just dumbstruck that she could make that cognitive leap so quickly.

A few minutes later, I asked Jim to take some butter out of the fridge to begin softening. I do have a partial bag of chocolate chips and some white chocolate, so I'll just mix them. I think she deserves to have her request to bake cookies fulfilled.

Jim asked me if I wanted real butter or margarine. I told him that I use real butter when I bake. Sera immediately popped up with "I use pretend when I bake".

This girl cracks me up.



Blogger a Tonggu Momma said...

Wow - that IS a cognitive leap. What a smart girl she is. As the Tongginator would say, she is "the smartiest."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woe, she is brilliant :)! I was long into adult life before I thought of the chocolate!

Magi, thank you for your words at my blog. I am in a tremendously sad place and it meant so much for you who knows something of my family over several years to leave such kind words. THANK YOU.

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