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Monday, February 09, 2009
Mine's the Best
As you may have gathered from my lame attempt at humor the other day, I had a rough few days last week. Without boring you with details, let's just say that this month was a doozy. I actually went back to bed Saturday morning and slept until noon after taking four ibuprofen. Sleeping is how I deal with pain. Poor Jim was on his own all morning. I got up just as he put Sera down for her nap.

Yesterday afternoon, he ran to the grocery story to buy some ground beef. Shadow has been having a really rough time lately, and he's very worried about him. Jim asked me to make a pot of ground beef and rice. It's easier on Shadow's digestive system when he's sick. And he's been sick, a lot.

While he was there, he decided he wanted to buy me a treat. Something to brighten what had been an off weekend. He spotted something in the produce aisle that reminded him of one of my favorite things in the world. Something I don't get often. Something he figured couldn't really be hard to make.

He found these huge luscious strawberries and a bar of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate. Then he came home, melted the chocolate, and dipped the strawberries. They were (and still are) amazing. Sera loved them just as much as I did. I had to convince her to let me put them in the refrigerator and save some for today. I couldn't believe he found strawberries in February that had so much flavor.

As wonderful as they tasted what made my weekend was his thoughtfulness. Thank you for always thinking of me and doing things to let me know you love me. I love you, too.



Blogger Kiy said...

Oh my, how sweet! I love Jim, well, in a friend kind of way. :)

I hope you are doing better. Funny enough, I had an off weekend too. Must be something in the air.

Enjoy those strawberries, they sound divine. Especially when made with love.


Blogger Sandra said...

How sweet!!!

Hope things are better for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You married a smart man. Good for you both!

Isn't it amazing how much the spirits can be lifted just by a few-dollar expenditure?

Blogger PIPO said...

How sweet is that?!? Both literally and figuratively.

What a good guy!

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