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Thursday, February 12, 2009
It's Only Pwetend
The other day Sera dragged out her dress-up box. She wanted to be a ballerina. Ballerina is her term for anything beautiful as well as dancers. She picked out the purple fairy dress, the wings, and the shoes. After we had her all dressed, I handed her the wand.

She started waving it around the room while chanting something I couldn't quite make out. Then she looked at me with concern in her eyes. "Why not work, mommy?"

It broke my heart to have to tell her that the magic in her wand was only pretend. She looked sad for a moment, only a moment, and then continued her play.

I'm still a little sad.



Blogger Kiy said...

Ahhh what a sweetie, your little gal still grabs at my heart every time you post about her. It's hard, as they learn these life lessons, especially on the mama and daddy.

Hugs gal, been thinking about you!


Blogger Tammie said...

Oh honey. It did work. Sera is beautiful already. She didn't need any help. And her mommy? Just perfect.

Blogger PIPO said...

Indeed, I wish it would work too!

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