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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Last Friday marked the end of the first trimester of school. 1/3rd of the way down. It's amazing to me that we've hit this point, and it's still weeks to Thanksgiving. Monday morning I start all new classes with all new students. I have a clean slate again. And, more importantly, so do my students. The first year I taught we had semesters. The next year we switched to trimesters. I have had my issues with it, but now that I know it's my last year with them I realize I am going to miss some aspects of it. Next year we return to semesters. It's mainly a budget thing. The semester schedule will allow them to reduce teaching positions, if needed. But we won't go there.

I'm actually not sure where that first paragraph came from. As you can see from the title, my plan was to write about our weekend. It was a wonderful weekend, even though Sera was up at 5:30 and 6:00 am. I think she's given up sleeping in on the weekend. Yesterday, we headed out to the farmer's market. We walked around buying local farm fresh eggs, the last of the tomatoes, lots of peppers, a big bag of crimini mushrooms, and a bucket of Honey Crisp apples. We also snacked on some cherry gelato, a mini cannoli, and some sugar cookies. Yep, we got our sugar in for the day. Then we ran across the street to this great market that carries gourmet, organic, some really great prices on San Marzano canned tomatoes, and all the fun pasta shapes you can never find in the regular stores. Jim also found some awesome pasta salads there.

Believe it or not, then we went to lunch! Jim had a Dagwood. I had a turkey avocado, and we all had something I have not found locally anywhere else. Zapp's Potato Chips. Zapp's is a New Orleans company, and I love their chips. It's a toss up between their BBQ and the Cajun Crawtater as my favorite. I chose the Crawtater yesterday. When I opened them up, Sera wanted to try them. I warned her they were spicy. She very gingerly picked one up, looked at it, put it in her mouth and said yum. They have quite a kick to them, but she ate them up. I am constantly amazed at her palate.

One more quick stop for Jim to try on some shoes, and then we had a mini-meltdown as we had overrun nap time a bit. During the meltdown, I promised that we'd watch Cinderella and snuggle after her nap. Two hours later, I discovered that Cinderella is the one Disney movie we don't own. She was satisfied with Beauty and the Beast. It was so funny because after I started the movie, she came to me and said, "Mommy, I still tired. Want to snuggle." And we did.

Today, we had another milestone. We had our first birthday party invitation to Chuck E. Cheese. Sera was fascinated by the animatronics and did not cry when Chuck came out. In fact, at the very end just before he left, she gave him a high five. This was huge. She's always been terrified by anything in costume. Just a few weeks ago when we went to the farm, she wanted nothing to do with the person in the cow costume who was walking around. When we left, she was chanting Chuck E. Cheese and saying we should go again.

All in all, it was just two really lovely days with my two favorite people....and a huge list of things I still need to do and didn't touch. I don't regret not doing those chores at all.

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Blogger Sandra said...

I love lovely weekends like that! I remember the first time Jazzie went to Chuck-E-Cheese. She was totally overwhelmed and scared to death ;-)

Blogger Kiy said...

Wow, what an amazing weekend. Aren't those the best? We actually got a few things done this past weekend, but spent more time goofing off and snugging. We don't have Cinderella either, but it's on my to-buy list. I think Emi will like all the animals. Who knows about the rest. Sera isn't afraid of the Beast? I worry about that, at least that early part where he's scary. I might need to give that movie some time yet.

Cheers, Kiy

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