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Saturday, November 15, 2008
My Baby Daddy
Sera has many personas. Sometimes she's a kitty cat, sometimes she's Super Sera, sometimes she's Stinkerbelle, sometimes she's a monster, sometimes she's a big girl, and, especially lately, sometimes she's a baby.

She's very quick to tell us which one she is at any given moment. About two weeks ago, she started saying my baby daddy and my baby mommy when she means I'm daddy's baby or I'm mommy's baby. During these times, she likes to be cradled and have her sippy cup held for her. Since we didn't have enough time to give her this kind of attention, I have no problem holding her like my baby.

It's starting to go a little too far now though. After spending the day with some good friends* whose children love to call her baby Sera, she's now referring to herself that way. She's also claiming she can't do certain things anymore, like feed herself, because she's a baby. Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming these other children. They love Sera and are used to her being the baby. They haven't really spent enough time with her to realize that she'll play with them now. That was until this last visit. She was right in there mixing it up, so to speak. To them, she is baby Sera, and I understand. Their mom was also correcting them when they called her that so I know it will correct itself over time.

I'm not worried about this phase as I know it's a phase. We're just trying to feel our way through figuring out how much babying is good and how much is not.

What I do now is tell her she'll always be my baby even though she's a big girl. We also heavily praise any big girl activities. She's not regressed as when she claims she can't do something, she'll laugh when we tell her she can...and then she does it. She's also still quite vehemently claims I do myself when she wants to show her independence.

This parenting thing can be challenging. Part of you wants to just do everything and spoil them rotten, but the other part knows that would actually be bad parenting. We want to raise her to be a strong, self-sufficient, confident woman.

*Don't freak, Laura! We know you all love Sera. Who knew she'd take that name and run with it?

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