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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Such a Girl
My poor little Stinkerbelle. Did I ever tell you that is her favorite nickname? She's become a huge Tinkerbelle fan. Jim called her that one day when they were playing, and it stuck. She'll call herself that sometime, or ask us to call her that.

She had a rough night last night. She just couldn't sleep well. I know it was her congestion as she wasn't running a fever. I ended up holding her in the rocking chair until 5:10 this morning. We would both doze on and off. I don't want to make sleeping in our bed an unbreakable habit. Plus when all three of us are in our bed, none of us sleep well. It's amazing how much room that little body can take up. Those flailing arms and legs can pack quite the punch. I knew at 5:10 that Jim would be getting up for work, so it was safe to climb in. Sera and I slept until 8 am. It was the best three hours sleep.

When we woke up her fever was back up to 102. Since we're planning to head up to Indy on Friday and see Marcia, Derek, and Ava, I'm really hoping she kicks this today. I did take her to the doctor yesterday. It looks like her never ending cold has become a bacterial infection, too. Amoxycillin it is.

We were watching Regis & Kelly this morning while eating our breakfast. Kelly came around the desk to show off her shoes to her guest cohost, Anderson Cooper. As she's posing her feet to show off her 5-inch stilettos, Sera excitedly pointed to the TV and shouted, "What's that? Sera want some!"

She's such a girl, and I love her.



Blogger Tammie said...

Sorry to hear about Sera's congestion situation. It's so frustrating. We had that with Erin for about a month also. Erin's issues are almost always related to her general allergies. Her ped has her on singulair & a nasal inhaler. It really has helped a lot. Is there a chance that Sear has an allergy issue also?

Gotta love her excitement at seeing shoes. A true girly girl! Go Sera!

Blogger Sandra said...

I am with Tammie in wondering if Sera might have allergies. Worth checking into...

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