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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
After two weeks away, you wouldn't think I'd have taken another day off, but I did. Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent it with my two favorite people. Sera and I had a great day at home together while Jim attended a workshop. When he came home, we went to dinner and then back home for birthday cake and hanging out. After two weeks on the road, it was good to just be home.

Before I begin our vacation recap, I wanted to post some pictures from the weekend before. On that Friday, Sera received a package from Aunt Jessica.

Here she is modelling the tutu Aunt Jessica made.

Making soup with her new pots and pans.

And coloring with her new crayons. The package was a big hit.

Thank you, Aunt Jessica!

On Saturday, we headed to Detroit for a last minute visit to see the Tigers play. They won in an amazing walk-off double by Miguel Cabrera. We were huddled up under the roof as it had just started to rain. The rain quickly ended, and we went back to the stands for the post-game fireworks. Sera loved them!

When we first arrived, Sera and I sat in the food court while Jim, Laura, and Doug ran around the stadium and visited the gift shop. Sera watched everyone riding the carousel. When daddy came back, she wanted to ride. We were shocked when she actually went through with it. As you can see, she thought it was great.
I'll get to work on our vacation posts and get them up asap.
Isn't summer great?

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Blogger Eileen said...

Happy Birthday!

Love the pics!

Blogger Kiy said...

Happy Birthday! The trip to Detroit sounds great. I have seen the Tigers play since Lance Parish was catching. Old, I tell ya. I'm old! lol

Cheers, keep enjoying your summer. It goes by so fast.


Blogger Amy said...


Happy Birthday to you!!! And welcome home!

The tutu is soo cute, but i do have a weakness for tutus :).

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