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Sunday, June 29, 2008
3 Word Sunday

I know our picture is supposed to reflect our week. And I know that this is a picture from Sera's birthday in April. BUT I just got the cd with all the photos from her birthday in yesterday's mail. In case you've forgotten, or didn't know, there was a professional photographer at Sera's party. They were doing a story on the venue and asked to photograph her party. A few shots made it into the magazine and a few more on their website. Yesterday, I received a cd with all 239 photos.

If you're a mom who was at that party, I will sort and email the pictures with you and your children as soon as I can.

This was my favorite photo. I don't like pictures of me, but I love this one of us.

We just returned for a whirlwind 24-hour trip to Detroit. Our good friend, Doug, called Thursday with news he had tickets to Saturday's game. We met him and his wife, Laura, around 1 pm on Saturday and headed east. It was a great trip. The weather was beautiful. The Tigers won, and the fireworks were awesome. In the middle of the game, a man came to our row and gave Sera a plush Tigers hat. I'll get it posted when I can. It was very random and very nice. Jim and I wondered later if he was waiting to adopt. I didn't see where he'd come from, but Jim did. He had been sitting a few rows behind us. She was quite entertaining to watch. She was dancing, cheering, clapping, and yelling Go Tigers with the best of 'em. Jim has trained her well.

We got home today around 1 pm and have approximately 15 hours before we leave again. The house sitter is arranged, and we hit the road. We leave early tomorrow for Omaha. We'll spend the afternoon at the zoo and spend the night. We then head to Denver where we'll catch the Rockies at home. Ironically, last night's game was against the Rockies. On Wednesday, we'll travel the rest of the way to Jim's dad's house in Utah. We'll spend some time there where we'll also get to see Jim's sister, Wendy, and her family. Jim hasn't seen her in years, so it will be good for them to catch up. This will be the first time Sera meets anyone in Jim's family. Our plan is to relax and have a good time. If we find someplace interesting to stop. We will. We're bringing some camping supplies, so we may camp on the way home. It's nice to know that we can take our time and enjoy our roadtrip out west.

We will have the laptop with us and will blog as time and access permit. You know that we'll definitely have pictures.

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Blogger PIPO said...

That is a beautiful 3 words post!

Blogger Tammie said...

I think your 3 Words post is perfect. And I also think you & Sera are beautiful.

Enjoy your vacation! I'll be looking for your posts!

Blogger Kiy said...

Absolutely gorgeous picture. I too hate photos of myself, hence not many with me and Little Bit. Something I am already regretting. That photo is one to be framed and kept. Love it!

Have a great time, sounds like a blast. I love road trips, hubby hates 'em. Can't wait to read about your adventures this summer!


Blogger Marcia said...

Great picture. I will have to put it in Dad's father's day gift...I haven't even started it yet. And yes, it is for father's day '08!

Blogger Tammie said...

You've been tagged! Stop by & see what's up.

Blogger Colleen said...

I love the 3 word post and pic. You are one busy girl!

Blogger Gail said...

She is absolutely beautiful.
A real nice picture of the two of you.
A definite keeper.
Happy Belated Birthday Sera!

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