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Monday, June 23, 2008
No Pee Pee Mommy
I forgot to tell you all the story behind yesterday's photo. M&Ms are a pretty big incentive for potty training. So much so, that Sera will sit on that potty for quite some time if she wants one. I'll keep asking her if she wants to get up and try again later, and she says no and stays there. At one point, she got up and gathered her dolls, Nana and Sophie, and brought them with her to the potty. She was sitting on the potty, rocking her babies, and reciting Brown Bear. It sounded something like this:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear see
Red Bird me

Red Bird, Red Bird see
Yellow Duck me

And yes, she can go through the entire list in order. We may have read that book once or one million times.

How could I not take this picture?

We had a huge breakthrough this morning. I was in the kitchen getting some yellow cheese as requested. I went back into the living room to find her standing by the potty with her panties at her ankles. She was clapping and cheering. I looked, and she had gone potty all by herself. She did it again about an hour later. We went the entire morning accident free. Woo hoo!

After the first success, she climbed up on the couch and patted me. She then said, "No pee pee mommy." I laughed and agreed with her. We had discussed the other day that you don't pee pee on mommy or daddy, but only on the potty. I'm glad that one took.



Blogger Marcia said...

Yea for the pee pee! And I'm glad that she has learned not to pee on you and Jim!

I love that book...I think I can recite it in order too...ha

Blogger Michelle said...

oh how fantastic!! ditching diapers is the best thing ever!! (i think we had them ditched for what, 3 weeks? it was nice while it lasted!)

Blogger Amy said...

Can't wait for Jane to be there. So far, no go!

I am not blogging this summer, but still reading :)!

Blogger Tammie said...

Congrats on the pee pee training!! Even better that she got the message about no accidents on mommy. :-)

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