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Sunday, June 22, 2008
3 Word Sunday

I have absolutely no excuse for not posting all week. The muse just didn't move me for some reason.

On Wednesday, Sera and I met the Chinese adoption playgroup at the local zoo. We had a wonderful time. She really enjoyed all the animals. She wasn't as fond of the train, though. Our group split in half, and we were with two other families. Both Lily and Brooklyn wanted to ride the train, so we headed that way. Sera was all for it until the train pulled in and blew the whistle. She wanted nothing to do with it then. We had a nice rest while the other girls rode the train. We then ran into the other half of our group, went by the butterfly exhibit, and headed to the "restaurant" for lunch. It was nice to sit and enjoy the company of the other moms. When Lily and her mom said bye and headed out, Sera looked at me and said, "bye bye?" I asked her if she was ready to go home. She literally stood up on the bench and tried to climb over the back of her stroller to get in. She was exhausted, and it was about half an hour past naptime. I took the hint, so we made our way out. When we got to the car, she was chanting something under her breath. I couldn't hear what she was saying until I picked her up to put her in the car. She was saying ride train, ride train over and over. I told her next time, we'd ride the train. Same for the ponies. She rejected the idea there, but has since asked to ride the horsies.

As you can tell from the picture, we did hard core potty training this week. I relented and moved the potty to the living room. Another thing I swore I'd never do. Ha! You can't see it because I cropped it out, but there's a roll of toilet paper on the tray over her head. This isn't our first attempt. I first tried with pull-ups, but she can't feel the wet. We were doing okay with pooping with those, but not peeing. On Thursday, I tried the plastic coated underpants I found on Ebay. She felt the wet this time, but they leaked. Then I figured I'd just go for it. If those were going to leak, might as well head straight to the big girl panties. I brought down a stack of towels and told her she had to sit on a towel if she was wearing big girl panties. She did really well. Every accident she had happened on a towel (or me) except for one. And for that one, she was in the kitchen not on the carpeting. She made it to the potty about once per every two accidents the first day. On the second day, she only had one accident. Since then, she's done pretty well. I'm using the old M&M bribe, and it definitely works.

That's about it for our week. I guess it was hard to be inspired when the main highlight of most of my days was being peed on.

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Anonymous Sandra said...

I love that she goes potty with her friends :-)

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