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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Yay, Mommy!
"Mommy pee-peed in the potty!" "Yay, Mommy!" "Good job!"

Can you guess we're potty training? This is what I heard after flushing yesterday afternoon. To quote Karen Katz, "I'm so proud of me!", which we've read 900 times since it arrived on Saturday.

Sera's really good about getting to the potty, unless she's asleep, when she has to poop, but we're having trouble getting there just to pee. It's only happened once. I thought I'd get her some training pants so she'd feel the wet. Let me tell you, it's hard to find training pants period. It's doubly hard to find them in her size. I had to explain what they were to one employee who thought it was a wonderful idea and is going to look for some for her three-year-old. I finally found some online at Ebay. I've got two on the way, and I've bid on a pack of three. Sheesh!

Here's her outfit as seen on spring break with cape. Several weeks ago, Jim watched a Superman cartoon with her. The last few days she's been trying to hold her blanket around her neck like a cape, so I pulled this out to let her wear it. It's the only thing she wants to wear now. In the morning, when I pull out an outfit, she tells me, "No, Superman!"

She's wearing a pair of shorts on her head. She's going through a phase of putting clothes on her head and calling them hats. It's hysterical. You'll notice our door in the background? If I pull out the camera, she runs to the door to pose. But she turns and runs to me or around the corner before I can get a picture. She thinks it's a fun game. I call it the papparazzi game. It's hilarious.

This is the outfit she chose today. The slippers and the outfit were passed on from friends. They've been in her drawer (outfit) and toy basket (shoes) for months. She "discovered" the shoes the other day. They finally fit her, and she loves them. They go perfectly with her new Fancy Nancy sunglasses. Fancy Nancy is a must at bedtime.

Trying to get away before I get her picture.

Jim was talking to some men in the front yard while I was cooking dinner. Sera yelled to me that she had put her shoes on and was going outside. She didn't understand when I laughed and told her she was quite ready to go.



Blogger Marcia said...

Super cute...love her hair cut! We're going to the pool tomorrow if y'all would like to join us :)

Anonymous Sandra said...

I love that little bob that Sera has got going on :-)

Anonymous erin said...

What a great smile! She may not stand still for the camera but you seem to capture her personality. Love the shorts hat--very fashion forward.

Blogger Jo said...

Hi, I'm an Indiana mom too, South Bend to be exact, not sure if your close.

Your little girl is so cute!!!

Blogger Tammie said...

Sera is just getting cuter & cuter! I don't know how you & Jim stand it! Personally, I think the shorts on her head shot is great.

David gave Erin her very first hair cut. She went to her toy box, pulled out a plastic basket for carrying things & walked around with it on her head for weeks. I'm guessing Daddy is not her hair stylist of choice.

Blogger Beth said...

Love the papparazzi photo! Her smile just radiates joy! Have a great week!


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