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Sunday, June 01, 2008
3 Word Sunday*

This photo is actually from last weekend. Sera had climbed up, but Jim wasn't ready to catch her. He was taking something around the house. He told her to wait, and he'd be right back. She sat down and waited.

Sera and I have hunkered down this weekend, while Jim has been a crazy man running errands. He got his Father's Day present early - a brand new grill. His old grill was at least three years past its retirement. The other day I received an unexpected check from work. More forgotten than unexpected. I'm a mentor for new teachers. Because of this, I get a small stipend at the end of the year. I have plenty of responsible things I could have done with this money, but instead I bought something I've wanted for Sera for months and the grill for Jim. It may not be the most responsible thing to do, but a small unexpected windfall should be for fun, shouldn't it?

Anyway, Jim's hard work all day Saturday paid off. He made dinner last night for us. Grilled steak, chicken kabob, and corn-on-the-cob. We all shared the steak and kabob, so we could try a little of everything. A new grill really does make a difference.

Sera and I stayed home because she woke up on the first day of summer vacation with a fever of 101. She's not acting sick at all. She's been her usual happy self and played all day. That fever came back like clockwork though, every four hours. Each time was higher. After her nap, it was close to 103. In the evening, it was 104. She got a tepid bath before bed. I'll be checking on her throughout the night. Okay, I just gave myself away. I'm typing this Saturday night and setting it to post in the morning. Hopefully, by morning, she'll be fine.

*3 Word Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous P*ugMa*ma. If you'd like to join in, the more the merrier. On the following Monday or Tuesday, she puts all the pictures together in a great video.



Blogger Marcia said...

How's Sera doing today?? I didn't know that you could set your posts to post at a certain time...I'm such a blogger novice!!

BTW, I LOVE P*ugMa*ma....she is such a great, witty writer.

Blogger Barb said...

I love what you spent your little windfall on. I think three times now the girls and I have given Rob a new grill for Father's Day and I'm assuming the playgym she's sitting patiently in was also part of your splurge. Perfect!

Kids this age get the most mysterious fevers, I swear. They come, they go away, and you wonder, "What on earth?"

I'm glad to hear she's feeling fine in spite of it.

Blogger Pug Mama said...

OK Magi - I SWEAR I've got your photo this week!!!

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