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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Giveaway - Healthy Snacking!
We love popcorn around here. Yeah, I know it sounds like a cliche being in Indiana and all, but it's true, we love popcorn. In fact, it may be Jim's favorite food. We always have it in our pantry, and the first thing he does at the movies is buy the biggest tub they have.

My memories of popcorn go way back. My mom would buy Jiffy Pop in the aluminum pie pan with the long metal handle. I loved shaking that thing over the stove top and bursting open the giant aluminum bubble that was filled with popcorn. One year, we learned how to make it using a large pot and lid because we made popcorn balls to give out for trick or treat. It took hours, and I loved every minute of it. Add caramel coating and nuts to it, and you have another favorite snack. Or you can add parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for a more grown-up treat.

The best thing that ever happened to popcorn, however, has to be the microwave. In two minutes or less, you have a steaming bowl of savory goodness. Don't think so? Try popping one at work, you'll see people appearing from every nook and cranny. The kids at school go nuts when we smell someone making popcorn in the teacher's lounge.

Orville Redenbacher has some great products to help you enjoy this snack and stay healthy. There's the SmartPop line, and my favorite, the mini-bags. They were kind enough to send me this great Orville Redenbacher bowl and some sample bags of popcorn.

Within minutes of opening that box, Jim had the first bag popped and was chowing down. In fact, he ate both samples before I could get a picture. He used the coupons they included to go buy some more for me.

Since this is the last week of school, I'm celebrating, and you're invited.

The nice people at Orville Redenbacher have offered two gift sets including the bowl and samples to readers of this site. We'll also award five additional readers with a sample of the popcorn.

How can you win? It's easy, just comment and link back to this post. If we show enough interest, maybe I'll be able to host more giveaways. Sounds fun to me!

In your comment, answer one of the following questions, or visit Orville Redenbacher, then come back and tell me which is your favorite product they carry and your favorite popcorn story.

· What are some ways you get your kids to eat healthy?
· What snacks do your kids view as healthy?
· What snacks do your kids reach for when they are hungry? Is healthy a factor?
· Do you ever ‘trick’ your kids into eating healthy? If so, how?
· When do you enjoy popcorn? With your family? Watching movies? Alone time?
· Do you have any family memories associated with snacking (a special snack)?
· Do you have any fun ideas/recipes for incorporating popcorn into your diet?

The winners will be chosen randomly on Sunday, June 1st. This giveaway closes at midnight on Saturday, May 31st.



Blogger Tammie said...

Popcorn!? The ultimate addiction around here!

Every Friday night we have a family movie night. David & I can't believe just how much popcorn Erin can actualy eat! The girl can consume an entire HUGE bowl of it. Healthy? She has no clue. She just loves the stuff! On the othe hand, she will choose popcorn each & every time. She & David like it with butter. I like the kettle corn or plain that I can load up with garlic or parmesan cheese. Okay. I may have to go pop some right now!

As a child, I can remember my dad taking a strange shaped thingy from the cabinet & telling me he had a surprise. Then he put it on the stove top. Oh! The aroma that came out of that funky shaped container. Yup. You got it. Jiffy Pop popcorn. I can still smell it! That was the first time I ever had popcorn & the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Considering that I don't really eat chips & won't touch pretzels, it's pretty odd how I can't pass up a popcorn. Heck! At work we start popping the stuff at 10:00 & eat it all day long!

Yup. Have to go pop some now!

Blogger Pug Mama said...

Magi - I am soooo sorry I didn't get your 3 word pic in the video!!! You are the 2nd person to tell me that this week. I don;t know what happened, because I made a copy of Sera's photo.....I am truly sorry. I will include it in next weeks photo along with any other photo you post on Sunday.

Blogger Michelle said...

I love popcorn! I am a fan of the "healthy" kettle corn--a little salty, a little sweet--good stuff!

My favorite popcorn memory actually happened the day my parents took us to see our new house (in NW Ind). My dad had been working in Ind. for a few weeks, we were moving out to join him. Anyway, before we got there, he had hit the Valpo popcorn festival (a little festival in honor of Orville himself) and while he was there he bought a hot air popper. It was very revolutionary in 1981.

My dad hadn't really read the directions--so he had popcorn, the popper and paper bags...but no bowl to catch the popcorn as it came out.

I totally remember popping the popcorn in our completely empty kitchen, trying to catch it in paper bags. Hilarious!

Blogger Jessdine said...

My hubby is a big pocorn man. Not surprising that my sister and I marry popcorn men!

Josie's favorite snack is dried peas. She's to young for popcorn but I bet she will love it.

Kettle Korn is hubby's favorite. I like the regular no butter stuff but I did just go to there site and I can't wait to try the buttery garlic!!! Hello, popcorn.

Blogger Jessdine said...

almost forgot...posted info on my blog for you.

Blogger Wendy said...

Kayson and Bradley LOVE popcorn. The regular butter flavor. Me, I'm kind of partial to kettle corn, but honestly, I love ALL kinds. Cheddar, caramel, butter, plain, kettle corn. The only kind that I really dont care for is the air popped kind.

Mom used to make us a Saturday night treat on the stove. She had a pan she used just for popcorn. She'd pour oil in the bottom, then the popcorn, a little salt. A few minutes later we'd have mounds of popcorn!!

Here's a recipe for Fruit Popcorn. It's kind of like a fruit flavor/carmel corn. Sounds odd, but it's really good.

1C Sugar
1/2C margarine
1/4C Caro Syrup
2T powdered jello(you choose the
flavor, my favorite was
strawberry, but you can use any
flavor you want)
1t vanilla
1/2t baking soda

Boil sugar, margarine and syrup for 2 minutes. Add jello, soda and vanills. Pour over 5 cups already popped plain popcorn. Bake at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Stir and bake for another 15 minutes. (I've made this many times without baking it and it still turns out just fine. The only difference is, instead of the popcorn being crunchy, it's soft and gooey, if you like it that way.)

Praise to the inventor of popcorn!!

We love popcorn around here! Megan is still a little young for it, but that does not stop her. Her hero Daddy breaks off the outside of the popcorn for her. He wants to make sure she doesn't get anything she can choke on!

I mostly eat the Smart Pop, but I really like the Movie Theater Butter! Oh so good. We like to watch a movie and eat popcorn with M&m's. Sweet & saltly together! Yum.

Anonymous Sandra said...

We like popcorn, but not as much as you :-)

Friday night is movie night for Matt and myself, so we make some Orville Redenbacher Movie Theater popcorn and enjoy a movie together, snuggled up on the couch.

My girls view fruit and yogurt as healthy, since those snacks are always available and they can get them without asking me first.

As far as tricking the girls: I just use whole wheat pasta, brown rice and pureed vegetables in their meat balls :-)

Blogger Marcia said...

Popcorn, who doesn't love popcorn? Popcorn is considered a healthy snack at our house. The boys have to take a healthy snack to school everyday and this is one of Ben's favorites. One of the things that he likes best about it is that he can "cook" it himself. This is the only food that he knows how to make.

As for myself, there is so much to say about popcorn I decided to write a Haiku, my favorite form of poetry.

Small, hard and shiny
Heat the air; create a burst
Fluffy, tasty treat

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