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Monday, May 12, 2008

I went back into my archives to pull out this map I had posted before we travelled to China. I circled all the cities where we stayed. If you look closely at the Chongqing circle, you'll see than Chengdu is just north. This area was very badly affected by the earthquake in China.

Sera is from a small village called Liangping. Liangping is in the northern point of Chongqing Municipality and was badly affected by this earthquake. It's the site of the collapsed school that, as of a morning report, had killed four elementary school students.

I know Sera has relatives in this village. She could easily have relatives in the school. I've been upset all day at the thought of it. I know that the organizations that provide help in China will be rallying soon. As soon as I have word, I'll post links for those who'd like to help in the relief effort.



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