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Sunday, February 03, 2008
Highs and Lows
As wacky as our weather is these days, it's much worse in China. Most of you come here because of our common connections to Chinese adoption. You are more than aware of what is happening there. But those of you who aren't connected to that world or come here via the Google search for old fashioned peanut butter fudge, you might not know.

The orphanages in China are being hit hard this winter. The freak snowstorms and cold weather are taking their toll. Many have lost power. Mass transportation is no longer available. Banks are closed. The orphanages are running out of diapers and food. They have no heat. They are suffering.

Here are some passages from the latest email I've received from Half the Sky.

"We expect to have a break in the weather tomorrow and then more storms moving in on Tuesday. We hope to use the brief window to get some direct relief to the orphanages that need it most desperately, especially in towns without power where no funds can be wire-transferred."

"Changzhou, Jiangsu – UPDATE: The orphanage now reports they are running out of diapers and need 750 diapers per day for an estimated 10 days."

"Shaodian, Henan - HTS supports a Family Village here for children orphaned by AIDS. Due to the heavy snow and bitter cold, the children suffer from chilblains on their hands and feet. Water pipes have frozen and they are now able to get water only a few hours a day. Food costs are rising. Power supply is intermittant. They request heaters and cream for chilblains as well as a subsidy for food."

"Xinyang, Henan – UPDATE: It seems first information on Xinyang did not come from director of institution. Today's news is not so favorable. It has been snowing since January 10 and temperatures are the lowest in history. Some heaters are broken. The institution has gathered all of the children together in the largest HTS activity room to kep them warm. Due to the weight of ice, the roof has cracked and there are leaks into some of the HTS acivity rooms as well as the nurseries. They are installing a "temporary" toilet on the same floor as the big activity room so children and caregivers don't slip on the icy corridors and stairs. They ask for disposable diapers, winter clothes, cream for chilblains for the children's hands and feet. HTS staff continues to walk to work through the snow and ice; there is no public transportation."

This is the status for just a few of the orphanages. I haven't been able to get information on Sera's, but imagine they are also suffering. It's near the border between Sichuan and Chongqing and high in the mountains. They are usually colder then the region, so I'm sure they are getting hit, too.

If you are looking for a way to support children, please consider donating to Half the Sky. They're doing amazing work for the orphaned children of China. Because they are unable to currently ship supplies or wire funds into these areas, they are guaranteeing payment. When the orphanage receives word that it is covered, they are borrowing the money from local citizens to buy the needed supplies.

Learn more about Half the Sky by visiting them.

I had planned to post pictures of Sera this weekend. On Friday, it was one year since we received our referral. On Tuesday, it will be one year since we first saw her picture. Tonight is the big Chinese New Year party for our playgroup. Unfortunately we're sticking with the sick every weekend trend we've been on lately. Sera's been running a fever for two days and has enlarged glands in her neck. If she wakes from her nap and still has the fever, we'll be staying home from school tomorrow and going to the doctor. She's not really acting sick except that she's not quite as active as usual. She's been very happy and quietly playful. The enlarged glands make me nervous though. Of course, I did my Internet research and found out they're common with a cold or flu. Still, we're at two days with a low grade fever and the enlarged glands. I want to see the doctor.

Now, I think it's time to lighten the mood with a funny. It's strictly rated R, but it is absolutely hysterical.



Blogger i-Con said...

Thanks for getting the word out to get more help to HTS.

And...thanks for that major giggle. I have to say I just love that Sarah...and I wouldn't mind saying I was #&$*#& Matt Damon either ;0)

Blogger Kiy said...

Hope Sera is doing better. I am still in 'catch up' mode ... but I am heading over to HTS now to make our contribution.


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