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Monday, January 21, 2008
And The Winner By TKO Is...

Miss Sera!

Scene: Sunday morning lying in bed. The television is playing, either Sesame Street or Doodlebops. Daddy is snoring away. Mommy is trying to catnap, and Sera is watching TV.

Mommy closes her eye. Something excites Sera so she stands up and falls backward, intentionally. The back of her head meets mommy's right cheek bone.

Result: All day yesterday it hurt to move my face. Today, I'm sporting a nice bump and lovely blue shading across my cheek bone.

We had a surprisingly nice weekend. I say surprising because Sera was a bit under the weather. I think she saves these days for the weekends. She ran a fever Friday night and we ended up spending the entire night in the recliner in her room. Saturday night, she did better. She slept until 4 am. I sat with her in the recliner for an hour before heading back to our bed. Hence the above story. This morning, she woke at 4:45 am. I brought her right into our bed, and for the first time ever, she went back to sleep. All three of us slept like a log until....are you ready for this?.... 8:00 AM. Hallelujah!

Sera adds new words daily as she now imitates anything she hears. Here's some of what she said this weekend.

I see you became I see daddy or I see mommy.

At dinner on Saturday, she was saying everyone's names as we went out with the Fisher Clan.


Yeah became yesh (that actually happened a week ago)

I said no! This is said with attitude. It cracked me up because neither Jim nor I have ever said this. I think she must have heard it at daycare. One of the women who runs her room has her son in the class, too. I'm betting she said it to him.

And tonight's winner. After she gave me a goodnight hug and kiss, she reached for daddy. I passed her to him and she told him, "I kiss mommy." She then leaned towards me said it again and pursed her lips for another kiss.

How I love this little girl.



Oh how I love to get those little lady kisses! That is so sweet.

Blogger Tammie said...

Oh yea! Nothing better than watching our littles grow!

Blogger Colleen said...

They grow and learn so fast. I hope she is feeling better and your bruise is healing!

Blogger Kiy said...

I have been one big walking bruise since Miss Emi joined our lives. I so relate and hope you are feeling better!


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