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Friday, January 25, 2008
What a Ride
Sorry for disappearing this week. It's been a bumpy one. Sera's had a cold since last Friday and had not slept through most nights since, until last night. On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, she woke up at 2:30 and NEVER went back to sleep.

Well, that's not true. Our alarm went off at 5:00, so Jim and I got up to get dressed. He was in the bathroom showering while I was sitting at my dressing table in our bedroom. Sera was on the bed playing with the video monitor. After a few minutes, I realized that the white noise hadn't changed in volume and she hadn't made a sound. I turned around to see her sitting up against my pillows, the monitor held on her lap between both hands, and her head tilted back, mouth agape, and sound asleep. I just shook my head at the irony. We lay in bed in the dark for 2 1/2 hours and she stayed awake. I had the lights on, and the TV playing the morning news, and she falls asleep. I took the monitor; she slid down the pillows and rolled over. I let her sleep until 6. She woke as I was changing her diaper.

Yesterday was also a long day at work. We had meetings after school. Sera is usually very good while I'm meeting with my department. Yesterday, she was into everything and calling mama nonstop. She was so overtired. We had two quick errands to run, so we decided to stop and eat dinner. We didn't want to waste anytime cooking when we were going home so late. We stopped at our new favorite Chinese restaurant, and tried all new dishes. Each one was absolutely fantastic. Sera ate almost an entire bowl of egg drop soup, plus a ton of shrimp and steamed rice. We actually didn't want her to go to bed early because we really wanted her to sleep through the night.

She went to bed on time and slept the whole night through. That means that Jim and I also got to sleep the whole night through. We were all so happy that we were giddy in the car this morning on the way to work. That's especially impressive when I tell you that it was -5 degrees this morning with a windchill of -21.

I meant to get a recipe together last night for Favorite Ingredients Friday, but the lack of sleep fried my brain. Today's theme is Superbowl Sunday. Go check out Overwhelmed with Joy to see what everyone else came up with today!



Blogger Tammie said...

And did you think to get a picture of the cuteness that is Sera? I can just picture her holding on to the machine & laying there.

Blogger Magi said...

Is the camera ever handy when you really need it? Of course not. It was in my purse downstairs. I do have some pictures of her from last week that I need to download though.

Blogger Meredith Teagarden said...

I miss my sleep the most, but I would not trade Jane for it :)!

I love the kiss story you wrote below. Sooo sweet!

Blogger Kiy said...

Hope you guys are staying warm, and that darling Sera is feeling better. Poor baby!


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