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Saturday, October 27, 2007
A Nurturer By Nature
Sera is a born nurturer. She loves to take care of her babies. I mentioned before how fascinating I find it to see her mimic what we do with her dolls. It's happening more and more. I took these photos on Wednesday. She had wrapped one of her bibs around her dolls neck and brought her to me to fasten it. She then put her in the seat and prepared her tray. She needed a little help tucking in the dolls feet and getting the tray on straight, but she did most of it herself. She also feeds her babies with toy bottles. She'll cradle her baby in her arm and give her the bottle or share her sippy cup. Today, she was placing her apple slices in the dolls mouth and then eating them herself. It's very clear that she knows it's pretend. She also likes to share her sippy and snacks with mommy and daddy.

The pretend play doesn't stop with food and drink. Her babies constantly need diaper (bahpoo) changes. They prefer life naked right now, too. She's removed all their clothing. Every now and then she'll bring me their clothes to redress them, but it doesn't last long. It's too difficult for her to dress them. I need to find one of those learn to dress dolls, I think.

They also nap often, usually on an old pillow that she has claimed as her own or in the toy pack 'n play. Today, she was putting her baby in the pack 'n play. She placed a blanket over the baby and headed to the hallway. She came back a few minutes later and stroked the baby's back and left again. Then she came back blowing kisses, stroked the baby's back, and left again. I finally caught on to what she was doing as she came back in blew kisses, stroked the baby's back, and left saying, "nigh nigh." When she wakes within an hour of going to bed, I try to avoid picking her up. I just go into her room every 5 minutes or so. I stroke her back, tell her I love her, blow her kisses, and say night-night. I'd say she's noticed, wouldn't you?

The tray is prepared and ready to be served

Here you go, baby.

Let me taste the milk and make sure it's okay.

What does a guy have to do around here to get this kind of service?



Blogger i-Con said...

What a sweetheart!

That last pic is a riot ;0)

Blogger Jeter Mama said...

what a big girl!
and of course love the pic with the doggy!

Blogger Marcia said...

That is so sweet!

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