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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Socks Are A Girl's Best Friend
My girl is a girly-girl. She likes to pick her clothes and her shoes. Any toy that has a ring to attach it to a stroller instead becomes a big bracelet. She loves to play dress up with hats. She's also very dainty. When she sneezes, she reaches for a tissue and wipes her nose. When she fake coughs (imitating the way I've sounded for days), she even covers her mouth. She shares her sippy with her dolls and this morning fed one pancakes. When she's finished eating, she picks up the food that's fallen on her tray and puts it back on her plate.

But it's her latest obsession that has me cracking up. She takes off her socks and puts them on her hands. She then pulls them up to her elbows so they look like elbow-length gloves. She gets so excited when she finally gets them both on and to her liking. It can take several attempts and some parental help to accomplish this. In fact, the first day she discovered this new game, she played it for hours. In case you're interested, bobby socks work best.

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Blogger i-Con said...

Hmm...has she been watching movies On A&E? A little old-style glamour going on with those long 'gloves'?

Blogger Tammie said...

Ah yes. Dress up. It begins early in your home. Erin loves to play dress up with her old Halloween costumes.

Blogger Kiy said...

Oh tooo completely cute! I keep hoping for a girly-girl, but with my luck she will be a bug-lovin' kitchen-blowing-up kind of gal. Just like her daddy, the chemist (who, oddly enough, is really into bugs). I tell ya, he's already plotting to turn her over to the dark side and she isn't even home yet! :)

BTW, we need pic's of Miss Sera with her evening 'gloves'. No pressure or anything!



Blogger Colleen said...

Oh man that is CUTE!!! I love that she is so girlie!

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