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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Ow Sigh
Feel free to remind me when she becomes a chatterbox and I'm going insane, but I love that Sera is talking. Her newest word is ow sigh or outside to you and me.

Tonight's conversation:

Scene: Sera is on my lap, and we're sitting in the rocking chair.

Me: Is it time for night-night?
Sera (loudly): YEEE AAAHHH

Sera climbs down from my lap and walks to crib. She stands there holding one of the bars.

Me: Let's pick up your toys.
Sera (loudly): YEEE AAAHHH
Me: Do you want me to play your music?
Sera (loudly): YEEE AAAHHH
Me: Do you want NaNa?
Sera (loudly): YEEE AAAHHH
Me: Okay, here we go.
I pick up Sera
Me: Can I have a hug? Hug! Kisses! I love you. Sleep well all night long and have wonderful dreams, and I'll come get you in the morning.
Sera (loudly): YEEE AAAHHH
Me: Night-night, sweetheart
Sera: Nye Nye

Honestly, have you ever read a more scintillating conversation? It's right up there in my top five conversations EVER!

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Blogger Jim McClain said...

Top five conversations EVER? Doesn't say much for your husband!

Blogger Eileen said...

Very sweet!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the night night which gets me! Josie is just starting to understand. Can't wait for her to say something!

Blogger Tammie said...

I love it! Erin stills calls it "going nai nai" at the ripe old age of 5. I hope she never changes it!

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