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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Farmer's Market
Aren't these pretty? The largest one on the top is a little larger than the palm of my hand. Now what to do with them. I'm thinking of some sort of ratatouille since we bought some tomatoes, too.



Blogger Kiy said...

Um? What are they? lol They look like pink eggplants, but I'm betting they aren't. Oh, and I am on my way for dinner if you are cooking. Just leave all the extra spice out of mine please. ;)



Blogger Magi said...

Oops, sorry. They are eggplants. They're baby eggplants that are variegated with purple and white.

Blogger Kiy said...

Baby eggplants? Ooooh, I need to find me some of those. I love regular ones, so I probably would love these too. Okay, now you have to give us some recipes for these! I only have one good eggplant recipe and I think dh might be getting sick of it. :)



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