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Friday, July 06, 2007
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern,

I do solemnly swear that regardless of what you may think upon observing my daughter at play with her doll, I have never:

dragged her by her ankle
jammed her sippy cup up her nose
poured a pretend drink in a stacking cup in to her ear
sat on her head
carried her by her hair
held her by the arms and shaken her
buried her under the blanket.

I do, however, admit that the following actions she did learn from us:

cuddled her
stroked her back
stroked her face
rocked her
given lots of kisses
held the sippy cup to her mouth
covered her and said night-night.

Sera's mom

p.s. don't you love watching pretend play?



Blogger Tammie said...

I almost fell apart crying when Erin told her baby doll "I love you sweetie. Always & forever no matter what."

And don't forget "Don't worry sweetie. Mama is here."

Yup. They definitely get it.

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, what a beautiful post! I'm sure Sera is learning lots of wonderful, positive actions from you! :)

And yes, I love watching pretend play!

Blogger Barb said...

How cute. I'm thinking you should be taking some photos of this doll play, Magi. Blog fodder! LOL

Can't tell you how relieved I am you don't stick her sippy cup up her nose. :-)

Blogger C.J. said...

Whew...glad you haven't tried out those first activities :0) How cute to watch her love on her 'baby' though!

Anonymous Sandra said...

That was sweet. Jazzie never was much into babies, but Tahlia is and I love to see myself in her pretend play!

Blogger Melissa said...

soooo funny!!!

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