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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Why, you may ask, do I have a photo of peas on my blog? Not just any photo, it's one I took on my kitchen counter yesterday. Why did I take this picture? I had just removed it from the grocery bag and was about to put it away when I stopped to take the photo. You see, I don't buy frozen peas. I'm a bit of a pea snob. I only buy LeSeur baby peas. I love them. They're soft. They're sweet. They're yummy. These peas are not for eating.

Sera has been working hard on this walking thing. Each day she is stronger, steadier, and goes further. On Monday, she was having fun pushing herself further and further. The problem we ran into was one of over-exuberance. She was sitting across the living room from me playing when she decided to get up and walk to me. The closer she got, the faster she walked. When she was just out of reach, she decided just to lunge the rest of the way. She didn't quite make it and fell hitting her forehead. She cried. I scooped her up and kissed the rapidly swelling red bump on her forehead. After a minute, she climbed down and went back to play.

About an hour later, she was still practicing her walking around the room. This time instead of lunging for me, she lunged for this big black boxy thing that is part of our sound system. She knows she's not supposed to play near it, but it calls her with its siren song. I was picking up some toys when I heard the crack and the scream. She wacked herself good on the same side of her forehead. This time the skin around the outside of her eye even started turning purple. This one got her. For the first time, she really snuggled after a fall. She's more the brush it off type. After I cuddled her and kissed her owee or boo-boo (haven't decided what to call it yet), she grabbed her baby doll and cuddled up next to me on the couch for a good half hour.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. We're standing in front of the frozen vegetables at the grocery store when I saw the bag of peas. I looked to Jim and wondered whether we should buy one to use as an icepack for Sera. He just gave me a look, opened the door, and tossed the bag in our cart.

By the way, she was completely healed by Wednesday morning. Not a mark to show for her pains the previous day.



Blogger Catherine said...

Happy to hear she's doing better. Peas are the best for all those little bumps and bruises kids seem to get.

Now....just to get them to eat them! That's a whole other challenge.

Blogger C.J. said...

Peas work better than ice anyhoo...such better formation to the boo-boo!

Blogger Jim McClain said...

That "big black boxy thing that is part of our sound system" is called the sub-woofer. It provides the powerful rumbly bass sound that makes the surround sound system worth having. It makes the floor shake! It makes the windows rattle! It--hasn't been fully used since Sera came into our lives. Guess it wasn't that important anyway!

Blogger Kate said...

If you're able to convince Sera to hold the peas on her boo-boo for more than 3.6 seconds at a time, without having to resort to staples and duct tape, then you are a better mother, with a more obedient child, than has even lived in my house. I love the concept of ice packs and frozen peas... and they go sadly unused except in the most dire of circumstances. To the point where, if one of my kids is willing to sit with an ice pack, I start to think it's probably bad enough to need a trip to the ER.

Blogger Tammie said...

I love the idea of BooBooPeas!! Erin only lets us use ice in a ziploc bag.

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