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Friday, June 08, 2007
Morning Song
Sera is a slow riser in the morning. I usually wake up about 7am and turn up the monitor. She occasionally wakes up before 7, but rarely. Her room is just across the hall, so I don't actually need the monitor to hear her, but it helps.

I'll hear her start to rustle as she rolls back and forth. Then she might start to wave her foot or her hand, while her other hand is firmly planted, thumb out, in her mouth. She quiets down again and falls back asleep for as much as half an hour. She might babble a bit, but she's really not ready to get up yet. When she's ready, she stands up and shouts, "Ahhhhh!" You open her door, walk in, and she'll start to bounce and give you the biggest brightest smile. It's a great way to start the day.

This morning, I woke up and turned on the monitor as usual. I heard and watched her roll around a bit, then I heard her singing.

She's loved singing since the first day we met her. Her singing used to be just a monotone hum. About a week ago, her song changed. It became EEE III EEE III, but she never adds the OOO. You might recognize that tune if you start singing Old McDonald. She just sings the E I part over and over. For the last few weeks, Daddy has been teaching her Beethoven's Fifth. He's done this with an ulterior motive. Sing it in your head...dadada daaaaaaaaaa. Get the idea? He actually goes on and sings the rest with her, but that's the part we all know. It also makes it sound like she's calling her dada all the time, which she does anyway. She loves singing this with Daddy. She usually adds the final daaa.

This morning what came over the monitor? Dadada daaaaaaa over and over for about 5 minutes and then she went back to sleep for almost 40 minutes, and that's not even her morning nap. She's having that now.



Blogger Jim McClain said...

Ulterior motive? Who, me? Muhahahahahaha!

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