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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Bad Me
I'm a slacker...a bad blogger. Jim, however, has been picking up the slack. If you'd like to know what happened over the weekend and see one of the cutest pictures of Sera EVER, head to his blog.

I'll do better. I promise.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Oh my, that is the cutest picture EVER!

Yes, that photo was adorable!

Were you in Elkhart, KS by chance? (I have a friend whose family is there, you ust don't hear of it often....so probably a different Elkhart)

I can't believe it has been two months since you brought Sera home! I love reading your blog...as we prepare to travel it helps me to see how we may have a few rough days, especially at the beginning...but soon enough we too will have cute photos of Isabel in her cheerleader outfit with a huge smile on her face (of course it will be of the Jahawks!)

Blogger Colleen said...

Um...YEA that is the cutest pic EVER! Holy cow....she is so smoochable!! :)

She is the CUTEST! Love that smile!

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