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Sunday, May 27, 2007
The Importance of Keeping Your Nose Clean
Becoming a parent as really made it even more clear to me how important it is to set a good example for my daughter.

She wants to do exactly what she sees me doing. When I make her lunch, I've started making myself the same thing. I had to because she was rejecting her food for mine. Sometimes I even have to use the same plate. The other day I made us grilled cheese sandwiches. I broke hers up into bite-sized pieces while I just cut mine in half. You guessed it. She wanted mine. She only has her front teeth, but they work just fine to bite off bits of food. I even drink milk with her, though hers is whole milk. I took a long sip and made the aaahh sound people make when they've just had a nice refreshing drink. Sera immmediately picked up her sippy cup, took a long drink, and made the same noise. Then she looked at me and scrunched her face up into the biggest smile.

I know this is the beginning. I'll see her imitating a lot more of the things I do. I'll be thinking hard about what I say and do to make sure I set the right example.

But there's an even more important reason for keeping your nose clean. Those two nostrils make the perfect handle for little fingers when they grab your nose. I swear she tried to touch my brain!!!



Blogger Colleen said...

Oh my.....what fun stuff to come!! :-) Hope you had a great weekend.

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

Ha! That is so cute. My little granddaughter loves to grab noses (especially grandpas). You are having so much fun and we are having the same problem. Alexys only wants to eat big people food or rather what we are eating. Alexys is 10 months now. Wouldn't they have fun together!

Hugs to you!

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Too cute! Sera wants what her mama wants, it makes perfect sense to me. Snuggle Bug imitates us at every turn too. It's flattering, humorous, and sometimes alarming. We've really had to clean up our act since he came along. :)

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