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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Sera is napping right now, so I have a chance to write a little bit. We have an exciting day planned as we're going on our first playdate. A local group of moms, who've adopted from China, meet every Tuesday morning. When it's warmer, we'll meet at a park. Today, it's McDonald's, Sera's first trip there.

This is a picture I took on Friday. She likes to sit with her legs that way. She was crying because she didn't want to nap when she just fell forward and was sound asleep. This is my proof that we'll need to save up for gymnastic lessons. As uncomfortable as it looks, I have to assume it's not for her as she does this all the time.
The rest of the weekend after the lacrosse match was pretty low-key. We stayed at home and got back on the schedule. As further proof of the importance of the schedule, on Friday her nap was late and bedtime was really late. She woke up at 4:30 am. On Saturday, naps were extremely short and bedtime was normal. She woke up at 1:30 am. On Sunday and Monday, back to normal nap and bedtime. She slept through the night on Sunday and Monday. Once again, RESPECT THE SCHEDULE. Lesson learned. Just because she's going full steam and seems to be having fun, don't let her stay up later.

Last week was Jim's first week back at work, and my first week at home with Sera. She became even more clingy with me and was slow to warm up to Jim when he came home. He takes over when he comes home and gives me a break for an hour or two. We spent a lot of time on Saturday morning lying in bed and playing, all three of us, and he spent the majority of the weekend holding her and playing with her. It paid off. There is a huge difference this weekend. She lit up with the biggest smile when he came home yesterday and is much happier when he holds her. She still reaches for me, but it's no longer immediate. She reaches for him now, too. She especially likes to play what we call Hot Potato Baby. She reaches for one of us and when we take her, she turns and reaches for the other. Yesterday, while playing this game, we made a Sera Sandwich, where we held her between us. She loved this. I think she's still enjoying having two people at her beck and call.



Blogger Stacy said...

The way she is laying is AMAZING! That looks like it would be so uncomfortable! I'm impressed.

I am keeping mental notes with each of your blogs. This post has two notes ~ respect the schedule and I like the idea of Daddy taking over for a while when he gets home from work. I am sure that helps everyone involved!

(I think you have the portable crib I registered for. It's so cute)

Anonymous Sandra said...

Just look at that cute little pumpkin! How come our muscles don't stay that loose and supple as we grow older????

Blogger Colleen said...

That is a very funny picture! Maybe she will be a future olympian!

I just love hearing your family stories. I am still amazed that you have gone and come home with that sweet precious little girl...the wait was so long - but it seems like the travel part was all so fast. (I'm sure this is just for me..not for you...LOL!)

Anonymous Sarah's LaoLao said...


That looks painful

Saw your comment on Johnny's blog and clicked on over. . .whilst I don't have an Asian Adoption I do now (and for the past 18 months) have a granddaughter adopted from JiangXi--Sarah of http://sarahs-adventures.blogspot.com. Hundreds of blurry pictures and I love every last one of them--sigh.

Happy belated b'day to your Sera from our Sarah.

Pat from OH
AKA Sarah's LaoLao

Blogger Tammie said...

Sera is so cute!! I love how she's napping. In the middle of the night, David will wake up & tell me to lay down. In my sleep I sit up, bend at the waist & sleep. Totally comfortable for me. Then again, I'm so flexible it's not healthy.

Blogger Kim said...

Oh I love sleeping baby photos! They always seem to find the most uncomfortable looking poses. For our little one, it's the butt up in the air that is tried and true.


Blogger C.J. said...

Holy moly that looks uncomfortable! Cute as she can be - but uncomfortable.

Ahhh...to be young again :0)

Blogger Karen said...

OUCH!!! My legs hurt looking at how she is sleeping. This is coming from a person that can't even touch her toes due to lack of flexibilty. She is seriously adorable.

Blogger kris said...

Wow... ouch? God she's cute though!

Love the pose! I am glad to "hear" things are going well for you.

What a great photo, definitely one for the books....baby yoga??

I look forward to reading your posts. I feel like I am always taking away nuggets of information....respect the schedule!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I sleep like that all the time :)

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