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Friday, April 20, 2007
Settling In
It's definitely happening. We've had three nights in a row where Sera slept through the night. It's still taking about an hour to get her to sleep though. She fights it like you would not believe. When she's about to drift off, she'll start swinging her leg, scratching her sheet, or pounding her mattress. Some sort of repetitive movement to stave off sleep. She gets so tired. She cries and screams. It's definitely I'm mad and I don't want to sleep scream until she finally falls asleep exhausted and tear-stained. When she wakes she makes unhappy noises until you pick her up and then it's all giggles and smiles. I just wish she'd go down a little easier. It's so hard to watch her get so upset and not cave. I just stroke her back and talk quietly. I tell her we love her, and we'll be there when she wakes up. I know she doesn't know the words, but I hope the tone gets through. Daddy is much better at getting her to sleep than me. Here's why.

Her new Pack 'n Play arrived, and I set it up yesterday. She seems to enjoy it. It's larger than the usual ones. It's geared more to toddlers, kind of like an old-fashioned playpen. The standard ones seem geared to newborns more with their changing tables, mobiles, and massage features. Massage features?

I like it because I can put her in a safe place when I do the dishes, eat my lunch, go to the bathroom. It also gives both her and Shadow a break from each other. When she's on the floor, I have to watch her every second. She's fast. I was even able to get a good start on thank you cards while she played yesterday. As long as I'm in sight, she's content.

Breakfast is Egg-cellent!

She may be a girl, but she's still Daddy's little Tiger.

Who is that beautiful girl in the mirror?

I saw Sera playing with one of her birthday presents and grabbed the camera. Thank you, Granddaddy and Grandma Nora! At first, she liked throwing the little balls. Yesterday she figured out that pounding them in the drum made the monkey sing.


Blogger Marcia said...

Love the pix..she is so cute! Have I told you that before? I also love that Jim sings Hotel California to her! Loved his post.

Cute pack n play too...never seen one like that!

I'm going to talk to Derek tonight and call you sometime so we can make a plan to visit!!!!!

Anonymous Wendi said...

Magi, She gets prettier in each picture. Isn't it just amazing how much our sweeties have changed? I lay Megan in her crib and she goes right to sleep for her nap. Night is totally. different. story. Oh precious nights sleep where have you gone?

I hope drifting to dreamland gets better!

Blogger Colleen said...

He-he....she likes the weather channel too huh? Or was that just your local weather? I am a weather addict.

She is getting cuter by the day Magi.

Blogger C.J. said...

I just love seeing her photos! What a sweetheart ;0)

Blogger Tammie said...

I love the pics! Sera is getting cuter with each day.

I love your pack & play. I actually registered for it when we were adopting Erin for the same reason you purchased it.

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