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Monday, April 16, 2007
'Cause It's All About The Poo
As anyone who has read anything about China adoption knows, you anxiously wait for that first poopy diaper. They told us to make sure Sera did not go more than 48 hours between poopy diapers even if we had to resort to drastic measures. When we first received Sera, we were right up on the deadline when we decided to use the suppository. She was obviously miserable, and the prune juice wasn't doing a thing.

After that, I set mental deadlines. No poopy diaper by such-and-such time and she'd have to have another suppository. She always went to the limit, but would have one just in time. She was averaging every other day.

Yesterday marked the third day in a row where we had a daily poopy diaper. Woo Hoo! Now to totally embarrass her when she reads this some day, I have to say that I love the face she makes when she's taking care of business. She scrunches up her eyes and nose and her entire face turns red. She then gives a little grunt and smiles. It's hysterical.

If you read my last post before Jim came in and edited, I apologize. I usually proofread myself, but time was short and sleep was shorter. When Jim saw what I mess I had written, he cleaned it up for me.

We've turned a corner, and today is starting out wonderfully. Jim and I didn't really feel jet lagged as we were more than willing to sleep on the US schedule. Sera, on the other hand, was all discombobulated. It peaked on Saturday. Friday had been a beautiful day so we were able to get out and about all day in the sun. Saturday was gray, cold, rainy, and snowy. We spent far too much of the day napping and lazing around. We had been invited over to our friends', Doug and Laura, house for dinner. It was great to get out of the house and have a home cooked meal. Sera had a great time playing with, or watching, their children and fell asleep around 7. We left at 9 because it wasn't as cute when I started falling asleep on their sofa. By the time we got home, gave Sera her last bottle, and got her to bed it was 11 pm. We went to bed at 11:05. At 2 AM, she woke up. Jim tried to get her back to sleep for 30 minutes. Then I tried. After an hour, I got her asleep and 10 minutes later she was crying. We gave up. She wanted to get up.

Around 6ish, we headed out. We knew she needed more sleep and she'd sleep in the car. We hoped she'd fall asleep and we'd get some breakfast and then find a 24-hour store because they'd be open at dawn o'clock on a Sunday morning. The plan worked, except for the sleep part.

At 9:30, we decided that a long drive might do the trick. We wanted her to get a long nap in early in the day. We decided to drive up into Michigan to look for Tigers stuff. The drive would be about 40 minutes each way. On our way, we decided just to head up to Kalamazoo. She slept for about two hours. We got to Kalamazoo and went to Meijer's, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Babies R Us. Yes, all of these stores are in our home town, too. We then headed back home. She slept for another hour on the way home.

Once home, Jim and I played with her on the floor of her nursery. We kept her playing hard. We were all fading. She was ready for sleep, Jim was operating on 3 hours sleep, and I had one more hour because I fell asleep on the way home from Kalamazoo, too.

We decided we needed to leave the house again. We went out to a neighborhood restaurant we like. Chinese food, can you believe it??? We got home at 5:50. I heard Jim snoring in our room by 6pm. Sera was down by 6:15, and I was asleep by 6:30. She slept until midnight. Her longest single stretch since we've gotten home. I tried to get her back to bed, but she wouldn't go back into a deep sleep and kept crying. I took her into the guest room and we slept until 4 am. TEN HOURS!!!! What a wonderful morning. Jim played with her while I got to shower, start some laundry, plan her clothes for the day, and just have a minute to myself. Then I took over play duty while he got ready for work.

At 6:30, she went down for her morning nap. I was able to eat breakfast, fold a load of clothes, fill the washer and dryer again, get the paperwork ready for her doctor's visit today, and write this. I'm letting her sleep as long as she wants as we have a busy afternoon planned and she won't get a long afternoon nap today.

It really is about the basics right now, eating, pooping, and sleeping...and not necessarily in that order.

If you tried calling or emailing me this weekend, I apologize for not getting back to you. If we were home, we were probably asleep.

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Blogger Colleen said...

Good stuff Magi - getting adjusted to just being home and a family. I am glad the sleep thing is coming together. I can't believe you went to China and are HOME with your Sera. WOW.

Blogger C.J. said...

Rest on...glad the snoozing is starting to turn around.

Anonymous Sandra said...

I just love how you give such long, detailed updates! Sounds like things are moving right along at the Kaffee Klatsch House!

Blogger Tammie said...

You are definitely better at this staying awake thing than I was. I can't believe you've been out & about already! I slept for a week straight except for food, bathroom breaks & my friends bringing my animals home.

I really enjoy how descriptive you are in your updates. Now we need new pics of Sera!

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