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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Happy Birthday, Sera!
Though it's not starting out as her happiest day. We've had a bit of a rough morning. By morning, I mean starting at 12:30 am. She's finally taking a little nap. We're supposed to go on a playdate at 10:30 am. Local moms who've adopted from China meet at a Mickey D's on Tuesdays to let their kids play together. When the weather is warmer, they switch to the park.

I want to take Sera because she loves to watch other children. It's also her birthday today, and we don't have a "celebration" planned. It was just too soon.

I plan to take some pictures today. Sorry they've been lacking. I plan to post more often soon, too. It seems that my time has become very scarce lately. I know it will be fine once we can get her completely adjusted sleep wise.

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Blogger C.J. said...

Happy Birthday, cutie!

Blogger Beverly said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Sera!!
Happy Birthday to you!!

Beverly & Glenys

Anonymous Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to Sera! Enjoy your day together :-)

Blogger Susan said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sera. I know it's a celebration to have you home finally!

Blogger Kate said...

Hey! Your Sera and my Emily share a birthday! Emily is 7 today. :)

I posted a letter to Emily on my blog, you may enjoy it...

Blogger Marcia said...

Happy Birthday my sweet neice! :)

Blogger Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Sera...it must feel wonderful to be home together!!

Blogger Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Sera!

She is soooo precious. I'm glad you're all home, safe and sound, and getting on with it - the being a family. Isn't it wonderful?

And I'm smiling, Magi, because I knew it was only a matter of time until you did a "poo" post. LOL

Welcome Home! Let the fun begin!

Blogger Tammie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sera!

Magi & Jim I know you guys must be thrilled to pieces that you're able to share this special as a family. Although you mentioned that you don't have a celebration planned, I have a feeling that just being together is celebration enough. Enjoy your beautiful daughter!

Blogger Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Sera!

Blogger Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Sera!! I wish you a wonderful year (and lifetime) with your new family.

Blogger Colleen said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sera. Sending hugs and kisses!!

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