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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
One thing to keep in mind when adopting in China is the pace. Just about every minute seems to be scheduled. It doesn't look like that when you see the itinerary, but when you factor in two naps the day is filled. Yesterday, we had Sera's physical at 9:30 am, and then nothing was scheduled until 3:00 pm today when we tour the Chen Family Temple and the Pearl Market. What a relief to have over 24 hours with nothing planned.

For the first time since our first night in Beijing, Jim and I actually ate three meals yesterday. We'd been returning from morning tours with one hungry and tired baby, so we'd skip lunch. In Beijing, lunch was part of our tours, but we ended up missing dinner. One night because Jim was so tired he fell asleep that early and the other was the night I wasn't feeling my best. I think that was our jetlag.

We finally got to do a little shopping on Shamian Island. The prices are amazing. We're a little worried because even though we had requested a seat for Sera on each plane ride, our travel agent made arrangements for a lap ticket from Guangzhou to Shanghai. The domestic limit is one check in bag of 44 pounds per passenger. We get about an extra 20 pounds with the lap ticket. Our guide thought we'd be okay because most airlines are somewhat forgiving if it's part of an international leg. Unfortunately, we've learned ours isn't. They are very strict about the luggage limit and will charge us about $3.00 per kilo that we go over. We're looking now into changing her ticket into a regular child's ticket. We may have to taxi to the airlines office today to do this. The only concern seems to be whether or not our ticket is changeable. It doesn't say it isn't. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Last night for dinner, we went over to the Cow and Bridge Restaurant. It is Thai-style food, and it was delicious. I heartily recommend it.

A few more tips for those heading this way:

I have mastered the White Swan bed and actually had a good night's sleep. Overlap your two pillows and push them up the headboard. By sleeping on a slight incline and having a pillow underneath my shoulders, I was cushioned more. It was wonderful.

Sunkist! On our first night when we ate at Lucy's we saw they had orange soda. Eager for something different, Jim and I both ordered it. It's nothing like Sunkist Orange at home. This version is made in China. If I could, I'd buy cases and send it home. It tastes more like Orangina, but better. It's actual fruit juice with slight carbonation. The grapefruit flavor is even better.

We didn't get new pictures yesterday. I promise we'll have more tomorrow. In the meantime, let me dig through what we've taken and see if there are any good ones I haven't posted yet.

UPDATE: I should read a little before I post. Congratulations to the new families who received referrals yesterday, especially Alyson, Kristi, and Erin. To all of you still waiting, I can't believe only two days made it into this batch. My thoughts are with you all as we hope for another quick batch, especially you, Colleen!

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Blogger Johnny said...

I'll see ya on the Shanghai-Chicago leg!

Blogger Colleen said...

I am so glad that you got a better night sleep and some food! Sounds like you are having a great trip. I hope all works out with the flight. Don't stress..it will all work out.

Thanks for thinking of me. Donkey balls is all I can say. I'll get thru this..and she will be SO worth this wait I just know it.

Smooch those little Sera cheeks for me - she is sooooo cute.

Blogger Tammie said...

If you figure out how to get that orange stuff shipped home, email me. I fell in love with it when we were there too!

Sera is just absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing her each day as she blossoms under the loving care of her mama & daddy.

Anonymous Erin said...

Thank you for thinking of us while you're over there. Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day--so totally worth it. Now I can't wait to put some of the tips I've learned about the trip from your blog into action!

Anonymous Stephen said...

I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. My wife and I are LID'd 1/30/07 so we have a long time to wait, but reading your blog recently, and seeing the pictures of your beautiful girl have helped make our wait just a little bit more bearable.

We cannot wait to be in your position and finally have our baby. Your accounts of what it is really like to be there and experiencing it all are truly an inspiration for us.

Thank you so much, and keep posting pics of the beautiful baby!

Blogger Kristi said...

Thanks for the congratulations on our referral! I was actually just in Zoe's closet looking over the wonderful things my October secret pal sent :) I love following your blog and am soaking up all of your recommendations. Glad you got a good nights sleep!

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