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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Can you sense the frustration? It looks like referrals will not include the 9/29 dossiers.

The reason this is frustrating is because we may be next, but we may not. It looks like we're on the cusp now. I'd say our odds are about 50:50.

The next batch should come in about a month. I'm guessing it will include dossiers to 10/12 or 10/13 or 10/14. I'd be surprised if it went much further than that. We will either be the cut-off, or we'll miss it by one day.

Yesterday, I finally started allowing myself to process the idea that we'd be next. It sent my mind spinning so badly that I ended up staying awake all night long. When I went to go to sleep, I just couldn't shut my brain down.

I went downstairs so my tossing and turning wouldn't ruin Jim's sleep. Why should he suffer, too? I watched a movied I'd already seen this week thinking it would put me to sleep. No dice. Then my stomach started growling. So there I am, 2:00 a.m. and eating cheese and crackers! When I was slicing the cheese, I noticed how my junk drawer had morphed into three junk drawers. I did what an insane person would do. I took the drawers into the living room and placed them on the coffee table, got a large garbage bag, turned the tv to Dudley Do-Right starring Brandon Frasier and Sarah Jessica Parker, and started cleaning them out. By the way, I had never heard of this movie before. Trust me, skip it. I finally dozed off on the couch surround by my kitchen drawers when the local morning news shows started around 4:30 a.m. The truly sick part is that I woke up at 9:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.

Is this what I have in store for me for the next month?!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly....yes. This is what you have instore for you. I have been thru this one too many nights. I am sorry - I am sure you are stressing now about being next. I am stressing about March - thinking now it could be April because 9/29 was so big. Can I say a big...DAMMIT!!!???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our LID is 10/19. I've had a sudden urge to scrub the floors. I don't expect to be in the next batch, but apparently my brain has switched into nesting mode. Now you mention it, our junk drawer has morphed into 2. Must.... clean.

Blogger Jacquie said...

Yep, I'd put our chances at 50/50. I was fairly certain we were next and although it sorta freaked me out, at least it wasn't keeping me up at night. And now? I'm not sleeping either. Ugh.

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