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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Made It Through That One
Christmas 2006 is over, and I am glad. It's one for the record books, but not in a good way. It did start and end well, so what more can we ask for?

As for the middle, I'll just paraphrase something I heard once. Mothers know how to push your buttons because they installed them all.

We've decided we like Christmas better in the south. Next year, we'll visit my family, and we'll be a family of three. All in all, it will be much better.

I hope your holidays went well.

p.s. It is true. When everything else is closed, you can still find great Chinese food available. Our Christmas dinner ended up being Walnut Shrimp, Happy Family, and Shrimp with Chile Sauce. Yum!!

p.p.s. Because I apparently can't quit talking. The secret project that I alluded to in an earlier post was that I scanned in hundreds of old family photos and burned them to cds for my family. Now we all have all the pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it thru too! Tough one - huh?? Oooh Xmas in the south...LOVE IT!

Onward....we are getting closer.

Anonymous Sandra said...

What a great gift idea...something to treasure forever...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy Christmas but I'm always glad when it's over! We usually take our tree down on New Year's Day but I did it yesterday already!

Any ideas yet for my book blog title? :-) I have none so far and the new year starts in less than a week! :-)

Blogger Pamela said...

Oh my word, it is a shame when things don't go as we had hoped and it is awful when people push our buttons. The shrimp sounded scrumptious though!

Sweet of you to burn the picture CD's for everyone! :)

Blogger Barb said...

The gift you gave your family is priceless. I know how much time that took and I'm thinking it was well worth it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done girl! I am thinking Chinese food for NY...I'll let you know if I get my wish!

Hang in there... we are one day closer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on surviving as intact as possible! I'm blessed in that my mother doesn't press my buttons too much... but that's because (1) I don't live with her, because MAN did she ever press them when I did, and (2) my mother-in-law presses each one twice to make up for it.


Blogger Magi said...

That's the problem with being vague. I know she doesn't visit here because I can see my stats, but I still didn't make it clear it wasn't my mom. It was my MIL. We drove two hours to spend Christmas day with her. She was on a roll from the minute we arrived and managed to wound my husband deeply within 30 minutes. We left and ended up driving back home. That's why we ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant. I had nothing prepared at home and we left behind the dishes that I had brought with us.

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