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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Growing Up
We want it to happen. It’s what we work for every day. And yet, when it does? It breaks your heart just a little bit.

Growing up.


It's the little things that catch you off guard and make you realize it’s happening so quickly.

Sera loves clementines and ate her weight in them in December. I hadn’t bought them again as they’d really gone up in price. Over the weekend, I found some on sale for $5 a box and bought one. Sera was very excited and wanted to eat them as soon as I showed them to her. I grabbed three of them thinking we’d share. I peeled one for her, one for me, and the other to share. She ate hers and then she ate the third one and asked for more. She’d just eaten a sandwich, so I figured dinner was out for her. I was hungry and started to make something for me. I peeled one more clementine for her and went to the kitchen to make dinner. While I was in there, she started asking for another one. I didn’t want to give her another until I was sure she wasn’t going to eat dinner, so I told her I was busy cooking. A few minutes later, I hear her shout out that she did it. I go and see what she did. She peeled her own clementine.

The next thing happened this morning. She has absconded with all her little snack bowls. I think they’re in her kitchen. She wanted to take some cereal with her in the car, so I grabbed a sandwich bag and poured in a handful of cereal. I put it down on the coffee table when I sat down to brush Sera’s hair and put it up in a ponytail. She picked up the bag. I asked her if she wanted me to open it. Just last week she’d tried and still couldn’t get it open. She told me no that she could do it, and she did. Then she showed me that she could close it again.

Little things – peeling your own clementine, opening and closing a zip-loc bag. Nothing major, yet they made me a little sad.

My baby is growing up, and I’m thrilled. Yet…



Blogger Wendy said...

Each milestone is bittersweet. It's incredible how quickly they grow up, but so sad at the same time. Just wait until the first day of school. THEN you know you're baby really IS growing up! Just dont forget to take pictures of the big day. That's an important day...going from 'baby' to 'big girl' because now she goes to school. It's cute how excited children are to go to school when they first start going. Then as they get older, the less they like going. (Not all kids, just some).

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