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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Autumn Days are the Best
Autumn 2007 at Thistleberry Farm

Autumn 2008 at Thistleberry Farm

Autumn 2009 at Matthys Farm

Yesterday was a gorgeous October day. The highs reached into the 50s for the first time in six days. Every year the China playgroup has gone to Matthys Farm, but we've never made it. It always fell smack in the middle of Sera's naptime. This year we decided to join in. The group was much smaller as we were competing with a huge football game in the area. It actually worked out for us because the farm was virtually empty. No crowds at all.

Sera and I arrived very early. I was hoping she'd nap on the way, and I planned on parking and reading my book while she napped. HA! She had other plans. We had to park in a field in the back. As we got out of the car, Sera very excitedly noticed a tractor heading our way. It was pulling a trailer filled with people. When Sera saw the people, she told me quite firmly that she was not going to ride that. Then she said maybe she would when she was older...with her daddy.

We wandered around a bit while we waited. When the others arrived, we went into a greenhouse set up with hay bales as tables and benches. We all shared some cider and donuts before heading out for the hayride. I had told Sera it was completely up to her if we went. She stared at the steps to the trailer and then back at me. When I asked her if she'd like to go, she gave a firm, stoic nod and began to climb up the stairs. We rode out to the corn maze where we were dropped off. When we left the maze, we were at the pumpkin patch where Sera picked out a pumpkin. We then rode back to the main part of the farm. The next two hours were spent at the petting zoo and playground. The girls ran and played and had a wonderful time.

Before leaving, we went back to the market at the entrance where I purchased 20 lbs of potatoes for $5.00, gigantic green peppers marked 4 for $1.00, Sera's pumpkin that we'll carve, some pie pumpkins, and almost two full bushels of apples for $20.00. I didn't intend to buy that many apples. I wanted to buy one bushel because I want to make and can some apple butter and maybe some applesauce. After I bought one bushel, I was talking to the man who was getting it for me. I told him what I planned to do, and he didn't think I had the best apple for that purpose. The apple he recommended was actually less than $20 for the bushel, so he said he'd give me some of the original apples I had purchased to make up the difference. He took the top of the box off and started filling it up. I went outside to load up the car since he was going to send someone out with my apples. They ended up putting two boxes or almost two bushels worth in the car. I'm going to need to go through my apple recipes. It's either that or make an awful lot of apple butter.

Today, I roasted the pie pumpkins and will make puree from them. I've got the seeds drying out for pepitas. I'm also thinking about canning some pepper jelly with those pretty green peppers. I bought some jalapeno peppers, too, just in case. It's a good thing we have a three day weekend coming. I see a lot of canning going on over the next week or two.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the picts! WOW!!

Apple recipes/ I am craving apple crisp ith butterscothch topping...Mmmm

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