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Sunday, October 04, 2009
3 Word Sunday
Sera loves to type on my computer. I open up a Word document and let her type away. She especially likes picking out the letters in her name, but just general typing works, too. I stepped off a slippery slope last week when I went to PBS' Super Why. She discovered how to play computer games. Alpha Pig has a couple of age-appropriate alphabet games that she just loved. I'm sure you can all guess where this is headed. I lost my laptop.

Since a new computer isn't in the cards right now, I did the next best thing. Actually, it's just as good if not better in Sera's mind. She can turn this one on and off all by herself and it's just filled with all sorts of games. Best part of all? There's one section that lets her type all the letters she wants.



Blogger Wanda said...

I'm sure Sera will have many happy hours at her computer. Wise mama to get her her own. We did the same - it's so great for them.

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