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Monday, September 28, 2009
Another Illusion Shattered
This morning Sera informed me that when she's a big girl, she's going to go potty like this. She then stood in front of the toilet with her legs spread and her hands at her groin. I had to break the bad news to her that she would always have to potty sitting down, only boys stand. She then decided she wanted to be a boy.

Can't say I blame her. I know there were definitely some times in the woods or at beach bonfires when I wished I could potty like a boy, too.



Blogger Laura said...

Hilarious!!! Jason just started going in the potty and he sits down too :)

Blogger bbmomof2boys said...

haha! Little T does that too! Arching her back and everything. She hasn't decided she wants to be a boy yet but then again she's not very verbal yet so who knows...


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