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Thursday, July 02, 2009
Camping When The Weather Doesn't Cooperate

Today's plans originally included a fishing trip for Jim's brother, Jeff, & his son and a hiking trip for Jim & Bret. While we slept last night, the rain began. It stopped and then started again at 6 am. By 7, it stopped again.

I got up and went to weather.com to learn today's forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms and the area is under a flash flood watch. We don't have to worry about flooding, but it sure put the kibosh on hiking and fishing.

Instead, we've commandeered the pavilion available for tent campers. We''re the only ones left as of now. Jim and Jeff have one of the tables where they are sorting through old family photos. The boys have another where they have Jeff's laptop set up and they're watching movies. Sera is at another watching one of her movies on our portable DVD player when she's not running around the tables. I have my book and my Blackberry.

We've put out all our food out since we all leave in the morning. Luckily, tonight's activity is indoors. Bret and I, and anyone else who is interested, are going to qn astronomy presentation at Bryce Canyon.

Tomorrow begins the trek home. We'll take three days going back as two was just too hard on everyone. We have a reservation again in Sidney, NE. We'll camp some where on the way on Saturday.
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