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Saturday, June 27, 2009
Sunrise & We're Off!

Mileage - Zero

It's about an hour later than planned, but isn't it always. It's 6:30 am, and we're off. First stop Sidney, NE.

Sydney is approximately a 15 hour drive. No matter how much I do ahead, it always seems that I'm up far too late doing one more load of laundry and finishing our packing.

My nephew, Bret, flew in yesterday to join us on this trip. Sera is so excited to have him with us. She was so wired last night. She kept saying she was going to stay awake all night long. We did let her stay up really late hoping she'll sleep a lot today. Last year we took our time driving to Utah. This time we are powering through. It's 25 hours of driving time, and we'll do it in two days.

Since this wasn't exactly a planned trip, we've been very creative. We're camping for one thing. Lodging for $25 per night is hard to beat. We are staying at a hotel tonight and Friday night on our return, but it won't cost anything as we're using the rebate we get from our bank. If we use their debit card as a credit card, we get a percentage back as a rebate. If we use the rebate with one of their services, it doubles. We used their travel agency to book the rooms.

Another way we economized is with food. When we camp, we usually eat most of our meals out. This time, we're bringing our food. In the car, I have boiled eggs, Gogurts, string cheese, granola bars, cereal bars, PB&J Crustables, Bagel-fuls, & Lunchables. In the cooler, I have food that I've cooked or prepped for the week. Our menu includes Pulled Pork BBQ, Shipwreck (a casserole Jim's grandmother used to make for him), Chili with Rice, Chicken Creole with Rice, Hot Dogs, yogurt, granola, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, corn bread, crescent rolls, home-made banana bread, fixing's for blueberry muffins baked in an orange half, campfire eggs, and pancakes. Phew! No wonder I'm tired. Oh, and I can't forget the chips and the stuff to make s'mores.

So as I was saying, we shouldn't need to eat out.

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