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Sunday, June 28, 2009
Taking Pictures II (or is it too?)

Mileage - 82.3

We left Sidney, NE about 8:30 this morning. Everyone slept great last night. We all needed a good night sleep. We stayed at an AmericInn hotel. It was very nice with a hunter's lodge theme as befits a hotel next door to Cabela's. The breakfast buffet wasn't bad either.

We're in Wyoming now. We had a slight change in plans. The store isn't opening until 10 in Nebraska, so we decided to go through Wyoming and south through Salt Lake City. This adds about an hour to the drive, but since we left 3 hours early, we'll still arrive in Panguitch earlier. We want to get there before dark as it's much harder to set up camp in the dark.

This does mean that we are not cutting through Denver and we'll miss the gorgeous ride through the Rockies, but we'll make sure to take that route when we go home. The bonus is that Bret can now add Wyoming to his list of states. This is the opposite of how we traveled last summer. Then we went through Colorado on our way to Panguitch and north through Utah and across Wyoming on our way home.

We just made a pit stop at the Little America gas station by the hotel. We loved our stay there last summer.

By the way, digital cameras are a great way to keep entertained on a long car ride.

Next stop - Cabela's at Levi, UT

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