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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Things Like This Drive Me Nuts!
First, I must confess one of my guilty pleasures, reading Page Six.

Seen in today's issue of Page Six

June 23, 2009 --
STEPHANIE Winston Wolkoff is not a granddaughter of jeweler Harry Winston, as we reported here last week. Wolkoff -- who just quit as Vogue's head of special events to spend more time with her husband and three kids -- was adopted by Bruce Winston, one of Harry Winston's two sons, when Bruce married Stephanie's mother. "Harry Winston has only one true grandchild, a son born to Ronald Winston and his wife," a family source says. A rep for Wolkoff said, "In New York state law, an adopted child is treated the same as a natural- born child." Bruce told us, "If my father was alive, I'm sure he would be proud to call her his granddaughter."

The bolding is mine. Kudos to Bruce Winston who has it right. An adopted child is as much a part of a family as a child born to the family. I am so grateful that I've never had to personally experience anyone with this attitude. Anyone who would consider my child not to be part of my family because she was adopted would no longer have a place in my life. My sympathies to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who can't say the same about her own family.



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