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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Vacation - Day Ten (Bryce Canyon)
After leaving Jim's dad's house, we drove about 30 minutes away to see Bryce Canyon. We had no idea this was there the whole time. We knew he lived near Bryce Canyon. We did not know how gorgeous it is. Jim is dying to go back and camp there now.

On the road to Bryce Canyon

We drove to the top of Bryce Canyon and then stopped at all the lookouts on the way down. I was driving so Jim could jump out and get pictures. He kept coming back to the car and telling me I had to go look. He was right. The following are the pictures he took as we travelled back down.

This bird was hanging out on this column at the lookout. People kept stopping to get his picture, and he never moved, except to turn his head occasionally

Jim went to the level below us. Sera is pointing out a chipmunk as I spot Jim.
Sera sees her daddy now

The chipmunk



Anonymous Sandra said...

It's beautiful!

Matt and I went to Bryce Canyon before we had kids, but I got heat stroke there, so my memories of that place are somewhat mixed ;-)

Blogger Kiy said...

Great photos, they look like postcards! I've never been, nor heard of it but now I want to go. Bet hubby will want to camp though! :)

Cheers, Kiy

Blogger Wendy said...

Bryce Canyon is beautiful. Just be forewarned, in the summer it is EXTREMELY hot, and in the winter it is rather chilly. The fall is probably the perfect time to go if you want to go camping there...unless you want to bake your brains LOL.

I'm SO glad that Jim, Magi and Sera got to go and see it. It's just too beautiful NOT to go there and see. There are many other places not too terribly far from there that arent quite as beautiful, but just as interesting to see ie, Zions Nat Park, Canyonlands, Arches Nat Park, etc. But my favorite is Bryce.

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