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Thursday, May 15, 2008
Which Of These Things Is Not Like The Other?
Last night's episode was awesome. My top four were the top four. My bottom three were the bottom three. There's usually somebody up on the chopping block that I want to see make it through to the next week. Not last night. They could have sent all three home, and I'd have been a happy camper.


The bottom three were Spike, Andrew, and Lisa. I have not cared of any of them since the show started.

Lisa seems to be a decent cook, but she has the nastiest attitude I've ever seen. She's a girl in serious need of anger management. She's also exhibiting some signs of paranoia. I really don't think anyone sabotaged her rice last night. I think she got busy and forgot to turn it down.

Spike is just Spike. He was more concerned with playing the game than with putting out good food, and it almost came back to bite him in the end. He got lucky. I don't care what you say Spike, no palate is ready for olives and grapes.

And Andrew...good ole Andrew. The man who once threatened that the only way he'd leave Top Chef is if security guards came and dragged him off stage. Well, he took it like a man and left with his head up high. I'm not convinced that only his head has been high this season. He gives manic a whole new name. His dish sounded just awful, but more importantly, he refused to follow the rules. He was determined to do it his way. In some situations that would be commendible; in a competition, it's suicide.

I love Richard. He's a natural leader. He's polite, compassionate, and innovative, and he seems to be putting out some awesome dishes.

Stephanie was an early favorite. I still like her a lot. My only concern with her is whether or not her nerves can handle it. She seems to get rattled sometimes.

Dale is one of the controversial ones. So many people hate him and want to see him gone. Not me. I think Dale is right up there with Richard and Stephanie with his cooking talent. His Achille's heel is his temper and lack of maturity. When he works alone or is partnered with the right person (Richard), he puts out some amazing food. He can self-destruct though when he's partnered with chefs he doesn't respect. See Wedding Wars.

Antonia is the dark horse here. She's been coming up the ranks. She started out as just mheh for me. Her dishes seemed okay. Not great, not awful. Then I got annoyed with her attitude when she and Lisa were paired for the whole Polish sausage debacle. She's bounced back since that episode and done very well. I'm wondering how much of that attitude was influenced by Lisa. And should a Top Chef be that easily swayed by another chef?

I know this isn't my usual type of posts, but I've really gotten into this season of Top Chef and no one around here watches it, so I don't have anyone to talk to about it. That means you get stuck listening to all my thoughts. Lucky you!

And sticking with the food theme, I actually one two prizes in the last week. One from 5 Minutes for Mom's two weeks of toys giveaway, and the other from A Chelsea Morning. Notice the food theme in both gifts? How funny. You watch, I'll turn Sera into a foodie in no time.

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