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Monday, May 19, 2008
Spirit of Childhood
No, you're not seeing double. 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting another photo contest. This one is supposed to represent the spirit of childhood. I immediately thought of this photo I took yesterday morning. What could represent childhood more than playing outside and getting all dirty on a pretty Spring day, even if the high was only 55.

1st place wins a Wii. I think we need a Wii, don't you?



Getting dirty is what it's all about sometimes!


Getting dirty is fun! Playing outside is currently Megan's favorite thing to do. If only it would warm up!

This is what I do with my peony bushes. When they start to bloom I will cut off some of the blooms and put in vases. That seems to help with some of the weight. Other then that I just let them go. I have issues with the weight pulling them down and the rain flattening them also. You could stake them to make them stay upright, but I am too lazy for that! After the blooms fade I cut the spent flowers off and just leave the greenery. Then in the late fall I cut them down to the ground.

I am a learn as I go kind of gardener. I am sure someone with more experience might know the proper way to care for peonies.

I noticed you mentioned a road trip to Indy in July. I hope this for the reunion!

Anonymous Paige said...

She is precious!

Blogger Tammie said...

Sera gets my vote!

Blogger PIPO said...

Love the photo....and I don't need a Wii or I'd probably never get my butt to work! ;0)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you should win for sure!

Blogger wgudmund2001 said...

That is a really good picture of Sera. I hope you win a Wii. They can be fun AND educational for Sera. Good luck!!

Blogger ThatGirl said...

cute! I have 2 china babies myself!

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