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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Still Here
I know that I haven't really written much lately. Things are going great around here. I'm just tired. We're down to our last month of school, and I'm worn out. When I get home at night, I can barely speak two coherent sentences, much less write anything.

Sera is doing great. She's funny, smart, sassy, and definitely two. She has abandoned clothing. She will still wear it out, but when she's home, she pulls her clothes off. She's gone to bed in a diaper only for the last two nights. I wonder how long this phase lasts? It may be her way of celebrating spring. Though you'd never know it by the temps the last few days.

Sera and I spent Monday night in the guest room as she decided it was time to get up at 11:15 pm. The guest room solution worked out pretty well. I was able to lightly doze as she played on the bed. I had her blocked in on one side with pillows and the other with me. She stayed pretty close to me, and I woke anytime she moved away. At one point, she got on her hands and knees and began kicking her legs out behind her. Imagine a bucking horse. She started cackling and calling me. I reminded her that it was time to sleep, and she settled back down. At another point, I woke up because she was kissing my cheek, my nose, and my forehead. That was the sweetest moment, but I still reminded her to go to sleep. She eventually settled in and slept.

She's interacting more and more with other people. She now says good bye to the other kids in daycare by name. She recognizes our favorite Chinese restaurant when we pull in. She drops whatever she's holding, and says, "out, eat." She is an outside girl. She loves being outside.

This will be the first weekend in over a month where we don't have to be somewhere. We've been or gone out of town three of the last four weekends. On the fourth one, we had Sera's birthday party. I'm ready for a weekend at home.

Our new night time routine consists of two readings of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, two readings of I Love You Like Crazy Cakes, and one reading of Guess How Much I Love You. The first reading is usually straight through. The second reading is more about discussing the illustrations and jumping around to whichever page Sera wants.

We're still around, and life is still good.



Blogger Kate said...

My daughter just turned 8, and still sleeps naked. She's old enough to understand that it's not OK for her to hang out in the public areas of the house (or the yard!!) without clothes, but if we would let her, she totally would.

Blogger Jim McClain said...

We do too have to be somewhere this weekend. IRON MAN comes out!We're going to the movies!!

Hi guys...went to the zoo in Gulf Shores the other day. The girls enjoyed it. Then we went to LuLu's for lunch (Jimmy Buffett's sister's restaurant). We are going to try Cosmo's on Friday evening.

Blogger Eileen said...

At least she keeps her diaper on! Allison likes to take off her clothes, and then her diaper too. It's been an ongoing battle for probably 6 months. I'm ready for her to want to keep her clothes on. :-)

Blogger Tammie said...

Erin's been sleeping "nakie" since she was 3. If she could get out of the house without clothing, she'd do it!

Blogger Tammie said...

Oh! I just noticed Jim's comment. We're trying to go to Iron Man also. Speed Racer will be next.

Blogger Colleen said...

Well it does sound like life is good!! Its hard to keep caught up on other blogs and your own. After work, I hear ya....so tired. Glad to hear all is well and sweet Sera is so smart!

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